Posted by: Geoff | May 22, 2015

St Tudno’s Church


Taken yesterday, St Tudno’s Church on the Great Orme.

The present church was built in the 12th century and extended in the 15th century. Weekly open air services are held during the summer, the first one of 2015 is scheduled to take place this Sunday at 11am.

More information about St Tudno and St Tudno’s Church can be found here.

Enjoy your weekend!

Posted by: Geoff | May 21, 2015

North Shore and West Shore


A panoramic view from the Haulfre Gardens, showing the North Shore and the West Shore… with the town sitting in between.

Posted by: Geoff | May 20, 2015

Dunphy’s Corner


I took a stroll down to Craig y Don yesterday morning, here’s a view of Dunphy’s Corner.

Posted by: Geoff | May 19, 2015

Above Ogof Llech


These three wild Great Orme goats seem more than happy to frolic high above the sea, also down below them is Ogof Llech (or Hiding Cave).

More on Ogof Llech and other caves that can be found on the Great Orme can be seen here.

Posted by: Geoff | May 18, 2015

A stroll along Mostyn Street


Mostyn Street, viewed at the junction of Clonmel Street and Trinity Square.

The Alexandra Hotel,¬†which featured in an episode of Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector in February last year, is in the centre of shot.

Posted by: Geoff | May 15, 2015

A ‘pop up’ Kitchen in Llandudno


Last night we had the pleasure of eating at North Wales’s first pop up restaurant, The Kitchen, which is housed at the Great Orme Brewery on Builder Street. Here are a couple of iPhone snaps taken during the evening.


Among five courses of numerous and delicious dishes were: Atlantis ale soused mackerel with orange and fennel, braised beef short rib in Welsh Black ale with onion jam and Yorkshire pudding, and (my wife’s favourite) ginger sponge with malt ice cream, rhubarb and honeycomb.

The Kitchen will be popping up at other locations along the North Wales coast, so keep an eye on their website and Facebook page.

Enjoy your weekend!

Posted by: Geoff | May 14, 2015

Tour bus


Today’s 11am Great Orme tour bus, seen here heading towards the lighthouse in wet and windy weather!

Posted by: Geoff | May 13, 2015

Low tide


A look at Llandudno Pier at low tide.

The pier has an overall length of 2,295 ft (700m) and first opened in 1877. The first pier to be built in Llandudno opened back in 1858, and was much shorter at 242 ft (74m) in length.

Posted by: Geoff | May 12, 2015

Sunny Monday


A view from the beach looking back towards the promenade yesterday morning.

Posted by: Geoff | May 11, 2015

View from the mists of time


Looking down to the North Shore from the Great Orme.

Close by is an information board, and below is the English worded version of the information that’s written on it:

‘You are now standing within a Late Prehistoric hillfort. Around you are the remains of over 60 roundhouses surrounded by three or four defensive ramparts (earth and stone banks).

About 3,000 years ago the Bronze Age was coming to an end and the Iron Age was beginning. This was a time of climatic change and social tension. A deteriorating climate reduced the amount of land available, and is thought to have resulted in increased competition for good land and the construction of defended settlements. No proper excavation of this site has yet been made so very little is known about the inhabitants of this hillfort.’

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