Posted by: Geoff | March 31, 2015

View of the Great Orme


A look at the Great Orme from the Senarth Guest House on Deganwy Avenue, where I was doing a photo shoot yesterday.

Posted by: Geoff | March 30, 2015

Sitting on the jetty


Two people sat at the end of the jetty yesterday afternoon, won’t be too much longer before the boat trips are leaving from this very spot!

Posted by: Geoff | March 27, 2015

Mostyn Street


Looking along Mostyn Street towards the Great Orme from outside of Holy Trinity Church.

St John’s Methodist Church can be seen to the right of shot, have a great weekend!

Posted by: Geoff | March 26, 2015

Blue sky


Looking from our shop on the pier yesterday afternoon towards the Great Orme.

The building visible on the left is opposite where the toll is now collected for vehicles wanting to go around Marine Drive, and below is an excerpt taken from Old Llandudno with regard to Marine Drive:

The first route round the perimeter of the Great Orme was a footpath constructed in 1858 by Reginald Cust a Trustee of the Mostyn Estate. In 1872 the Great Ormes Head Marine Drive Co. Ltd. was formed to turn the path into a carriage road. Following bankruptcy, a second company completed the road in 1878. The contractors for the scheme were Messrs Hughes, Morris, Davies, a consortium led by Richard Hughes of Madoc Street, Llandudno. The road was bought by Llandudno Urban District Council in 1897.

Posted by: Geoff | March 25, 2015

Enjoying the view


This young goat and its mother are enjoying basking in the sunshine, and possibly the view down to the bay before them.

Yesterday Llandudno was named as the third best UK destination, behind London and Edinburgh, based on ratings left by visitors on the website TripAdvisor. Which, given number one and two are both capital cities, must surely make Llandudno the UK’s number one seaside town!

Posted by: Geoff | March 24, 2015

Half way there


The Great Orme Tramway began operating again last weekend, here’s a view of Half Way Station taken yesterday.

Posted by: Geoff | March 23, 2015

In the dark


After several successive days of abundant sunshine the much awaited partial solar eclipse arrived on Friday morning, to cloudy skies… suffice to say Saturday and Sunday were both clear and sunny too!

The tiny sliver of blue towards the top right is where the sun is just visible…


… a closer view.

Posted by: Geoff | March 20, 2015

4th Annual Llandudno Daffodil Art Competition


Yesterday I had the pleasure of once again helping to judge the Llandudno Daffodil Art Competition at the Town Hall.

Here is the Mayor of Llandudno, who also took part in the judging of the art work provided by four local primary schools.

Enjoy your weekend!

Posted by: Geoff | March 19, 2015

Sunny Great Orme


The blue sea merges into a blue sky, a view from Marine Drive yesterday morning.

Posted by: Geoff | March 18, 2015

Looking down Old Road


Taken just after noon today; a view following the tram track down Old Road to Victoria Station, with the North Shore visible in the distance.

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