Posted by: Geoff | November 5, 2015

Winters sky


Taken yesterday afternoon from opposite the Imperial Hotel, a view of Llandudno Pier.


  1. He he… It was still rather “atmospheric” in London yesterday.

  2. Just love this prom its got so much beauty.esp in the autumn.. 🙂

  3. One of my favourite seats in Llandudno.You have framed The Grand very cleverly here.

  4. Ours too Barbara, a lovely photograph.

  5. Beautifully composed. You’re fortunate to have such grand vistas as part of your daily experience!

  6. Gorgeous view! It looks like the leaves on that tree are just beginning to turn.

  7. Lovely view even if the sky is overcast.

  8. There’s light and that’s all that matters!

  9. Lovely! That tree is a very nice focal point.

  10. I’d like to sit and relax there for a while!

  11. Such pretty blues and grays. Love this view.

  12. It all looks calm!

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