Posted by: Geoff | November 4, 2015

Happy to help


I spotted these two gulls sat on this sign on the promenade, they look like they are ready to offer any assistance or additional directions to anyone in need of them.



  1. Seen any chips lately?

  2. Happy to help (themselves)

    • Spot on, Barbara!

  3. “Target on my 6” er “are you listeng to me”

  4. My senses tell me they’re waiting for some unsuspecting person carrying a bag of chips or other food so they can swoop in, grab it, and fly out to sea!

  5. I bet they are even more helpful with an offering of a chip or two.

  6. They are willing to lead you to where you want to go – for a price! 😉

  7. They look like they’re ready to make some noise!

  8. A bit of fish and a bit of chips and suddenly the sign will be all white… 🙂

    • 🙂

  9. They sit so comfortable next to each other looking the other way haha a nice couple

  10. Two gossiping gulls, love it! Love this picture.

  11. They are the cheeky gulls

  12. Ah I recall taking a photo of this very sign with just one gull on top which was screeching its head off. Maybe it was missing its mate

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