Posted by: Geoff | December 19, 2014

Over the Haulfre Gardens Tea Room


Taken this morning, a view from high up in the Haulfre Gardens.

Enjoy your weekend!

Posted by: Geoff | December 18, 2014

A goats eye view


One of the many wild goats that can be found on the Great Orme, more about the goats can be seen here.

Posted by: Geoff | December 17, 2014

Taking a dip


On my walk around the Great Orme yesterday morning I spotted these two intrepid people enjoying a dip in the sea.

Posted by: Geoff | December 16, 2014

Open spaces


These four seem to be enjoying the freedom of the West Shore beach yesterday afternoon, at least until the tide comes fully in!

Posted by: Geoff | December 15, 2014

Christmas ‘Joy’ at Clare’s


A look at this year’s Christmas window display at Clare’s department store on Mostyn Street.

Here’s the display from last year.

Posted by: Geoff | December 12, 2014

Walking on the beach


A bracing Friday afternoon walk on the beach, have a great weekend!

Posted by: Geoff | December 11, 2014

Gathering gloom


A look at the pier from the foot of Happy Valley Road late yesterday afternoon.

PS: that’s a rock in the foreground, not a sharks fin!

Posted by: Geoff | December 10, 2014

Golden sands


Taken just before 9am today; looking down onto the North Shore beach over the remains of the Pier Pavilion.

Posted by: Geoff | December 9, 2014

St George’s Hotel


The St George’s Hotel, seen from the promenade earlier this morning.

The hotel opened in 1854 and was the first modern building to be built on the promenade, it also had the first lift inside a hotel in Wales. Famous guests to have stayed here include five British Prime Ministers: Benjamin Disraeli, William Ewart Gladstone, David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

Posted by: Geoff | December 8, 2014

Kitesurfing on the West Shore


A kitesurfer enjoying the strong winds yesterday morning on the West Shore.

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