Posted by: Geoff | August 13, 2014

Early evening at low tide


Taken at 6.30pm yesterday, a very low tide reaching out almost to the end of the pier.



  1. Until this year, I hadn’t seen the tide go out that far. There’s that seagull again.

  2. Should go and collect some cockles 😉

  3. Where’s the sea gone? Has some one pulled the plug out!!!!! .. be a first to walk to the end of the pier ” along side of it i should imagine”..

  4. A good chance to inspect for ‘what needs doing’ and look for cockles on the way. A haunting,forlorn atmosphere about the shot with its ever-present bird.

  5. That low tide probably cuts down on the fishing at the end of the pier, right? Loved your comment on Ocala – “human cereal” indeed!

  6. Nice to see it with the tide so far out, although it’s beautiful when then tide is in.

  7. Not ever having lived near the sea, I find the changes in the tides most fascinating.

  8. That’s a good time to go seashell hunting! 🙂

  9. The pier looks lovely even with the tide so far out!

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