Posted by: Geoff | October 21, 2015



I had a stroll through the Happy Valley earlier this morning, it appears the fall of leaves is now well under way.



  1. Fall is all about the leaves
    falling on the ground
    Everywhere you look you see
    beauty all around.

    Love this shot! Happy Autumn!

  2. The joy of a golden October.

  3. A very pretty sight. (but I must say I will be glad when it’s Spring instead!)

  4. I love autumn. All the colours of the leaves and Conker picking (a big thing round my way)!!
    It looks great up the valley. Nice photo agen!!

  5. What a beautiful fall scene you’ve captured for us today! I love it.

  6. Yes that looks like Autumn light!

  7. Yes the yellow magic doesn’t last very long, does it?! Such a lovely tree!

  8. A perfect picture of autumn.

  9. Beautiful Autumn colours

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