Posted by: Geoff | October 20, 2015

Room at the top


Plenty of spaces on the top deck of the Victoria Centre car park today, here’s a view looking towards the Haulfre Gardens on the Great Orme.



  1. I’ve found that the very top spaces of parking garages are often less than full but I wonder if you just go there very early this morning… 🙂 It certainly does provide a nice view.

  2. This is one place I’ve never been to in Llandudno, good view from up there!

  3. I never knew this place existed or i would have gone there and took some snapshots.some smashing views it seems.. 🙂

    • 360 degree views, Terry!

      • Nice 1 geoff!!

  4. Looks like some stormy skies over the mountain.

  5. Like Christine I’ve never been up there – might do so next time for a different view.

  6. I think I can see why there’s tons of parking available. ;))

  7. I’m surprised there is such a structure there! But I guess tourists need to park somewhere.

  8. it’s nice that they provide so much parking…trying to find a parking space at the beach can be a nightmare!

  9. How many car parks have a view like this. One place I haven’t visited.

  10. I imagine this is chockablock full in the summer!

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