Posted by: Geoff | September 30, 2015

Sunny September


As is quite often the case in Llandudno, September’s weather turned out to be a lot sunnier than it was in August.

Here’s the Sea Jay heading out the bay yesterday afternoon, with the Venue Cymru providing part of the backdrop.



  1. A lovely day on the “Sea Jay”… i love these indian summers.. šŸ™‚

  2. Crisp air from the sea.

  3. Blowing away the cobwebs. Am breathing in that sea air as I stand at the ironing board!

  4. ‘Tis a lovely sight, indeed, in any month of the year. But when the sea offers the bounty of its grace, it’s best to be prepared…

  5. It looks like a beautiful day for a boat ride!

  6. Lovely weather for a cruise round the bay.

  7. It appears to be a gorgeous day.

  8. September is also a nice month in Berlin. We are enjoying lots of sun and mild temps. Would love to be in Wales though!

  9. The 3 times I have been to Britain have been at this time of year and the weather has been wonderful!

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