Posted by: Geoff | September 22, 2015

Wet deck


A view down Llandudno Pier earlier this morning, heavy overnight rain makes the decking look a little slick!


  1. Looks very dicey underfoot there..bit wet and dull here at the moment..but rhumour has it were in for an indian summer startin end of the week..pigs might fly too!!.. 🙂

  2. Luckily the rain didn’t ruin the weekend!

  3. be careful, looks very slippery! pretty view though!

  4. Great shot! It makes me want to walk down to the end of the pier. A good solid tread on my shoes would help 🙂 Those stormy clouds are beautiful but a little blue up there is promising a spot of sunshine, I hope 🙂

  5. This is attractive in an austere sort of way

  6. Reflections!

  7. Fantastic moody shot! We are supposed to have a wet day here too!

  8. It looks like the sun will break through those clouds though!

  9. This is a very atmospheric picture.

  10. I love the shine and gleam of the rain. But be careful!

  11. Now I know what they mean when someone says “It’s slick as a whistle.” 🙂

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