Posted by: Geoff | August 4, 2015

Resurrecting the oak tree


A glimpse through the trees at the sorry, stumpy remains of the oak tree that until recently graced North Western Gardens (known to locals as Bog Island or Flushing Meadow). The oak tree was damaged in a storm and had to be cut down, but LLAWN03, Llandudno Arts Weekend, aims to resurrect the tree in a work by sculptor Alan Goldbourne.

The LLAWN03 organisers are using crowdfunding to fund Alan’s project. If funding is successful, Alan will reconstruct the tree using a wood amnesty, in which local residents will be asked to search their sheds for old cut-offs and unwanted scraps. The scraps will be used to create a new tree sculpture, which will become the centrepiece the festival.

To make a donation to the oak tree project, or to see the ‘thank you’ rewards on offer, visit the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Llandudno Arts Weekend takes place on 18 to 20 September.



  1. Wat a great idea to grace the sorry old oak tree..weve just had some trees taken down outside my home 😦 its let alot of light in but they were nice trees to look at.. . 🙂

  2. Poor old oak tree. I like the local names for the North Western Gardens. 🙂

  3. Which storm? It’s been so hot here… 😉

  4. Brilliant idea to create a wood sculpture,especially with recycled timber. Very inspired names for a colourful garden which covers the underground loos!

  5. Too bad about the tree, but I like the idea of creating a new one through sculpture. I hope you’ll show us the final work!

  6. Now that is a project I could get behind if I were there. I like it.

  7. You will have to show us the piece when it gets done! Too bad about the tree – I hope they plant another since we need more and more trees.

  8. You almost made me cry.

  9. I shall look forward to seeing this when we come back in September – it was sad to see the stump.

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