Posted by: Geoff | July 31, 2015

A ride around the Great Orme


Just about visible, in the centre of the shot, is one of the ‘land trains’ which normally take passengers to the West Shore and back from the front of the pier.

This year they are also running trips around Marine Drive on the Great Orme, enjoy your weekend!



  1. I never knew they did the marine trip.wat a great udea. Bet u can get a better view of the scenery that way than drivin round.. looks a lovely day too… hav a gud wk end too geoff..

  2. Hopefully have a go on that next time. Looks like a really nice day for it.

  3. Hope they are still running in September, looks lovely.

  4. It’s sunny yet a little bit hazy.

  5. great view

  6. Wooden land trains,old trams,vintage coaches,donkeys. What a way to travel. I love ’em all!

  7. It looks so tiny and the cliff so majestic!

  8. What a great way to see some gorgeous views!

  9. That would be a fun train ride. Lovely photo, beautiful headland.

  10. It sure gives us an idea of the scale of the cliffs!

  11. A good way to take in the views!

  12. Magnificent.

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