Posted by: Geoff | July 10, 2015

Gliding over the ski slope


A pair of cable cars seen passing high over the Llandudno Ski Slope & Snowboard Centre.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Iv nver been up to the ski slope part it looks a verey interesting try and visit there!! But without the ski’s!!.. them cable cars look like theyr flying in mid air from a distance 🙂
    Hav a good weekend too geoff…

  2. He he… Do you get a lot of snow in winter? 😉

    • Not very often, at least not down at sea level!

  3. Flying high. A feel good photograph.

  4. Flying high. A feel good picture.

  5. Feel good shot.

  6. Feel good photo.

  7. That is one very cool shot. I’m wondering how long you had to wait for this to happen? Love the panoramic view, too!

  8. A feel good shot.

  9. wow, spectacular view!

  10. That is too high off the ground for me! 😉

  11. Oh I thought balloons at first! So when are you showing us the view from inside?

    • I’m afraid to say the last time I went inside was probably sometime in the late 1980’s!

  12. Great shot! I wonder if their height is an optical illusion? They seem so high off the ground!

    • Hi Judy, this area is just over 400ft above sea level and the cable cars are probably passing about 100ft above the ground. I think the distant mountains make them look higher than they actually are!

  13. A very pretty scene, great photo!

  14. Pretty! What are the white buildings on the right?

    • Hi Petrea, it’s the Alpine Lodge bar and restaurant.

      • Thanks. I’m putting it on my list. It looks like a special place to visit.

  15. Sorry to bombard you all. My iPad has run amok!

  16. Greetings! Re your comment on Ocala: Actually, when it cools down outside, such as it does after a rainstorm, the a/c in the stores and restaurants becomes so cold it’s unbearable. I often carry a jacket on such days!

  17. A very fine view. Hope you had a great weekend!

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