Posted by: Geoff | July 6, 2015

Llandudno Sea Triathlon 2015


The annual Llandudno Sea Triathlon took place yesterday, here are just a few of the many competitors starting the swimming section of the event.

Here is a view of last year’s triathlon.



  1. Quite a lot of people took part this year.

  2. Think I’d choose to be in the boat!

  3. I can remember this last year and was fortunate to see it in that water was refreshing mid event!! .well done to all of them!! 🙂

  4. I cannot imagine doing a triathlon! You’ve got to be in really great shape. Cool photo but I’m wondering about the temperature of the water…

  5. I bet that was fun to watch!

  6. Looks like they’re really moving!

  7. You have to admire their stamina.

  8. I’d be lost at sea!

  9. Still frightfully hot here, I wouldn’t mind a bath but I’d linger behind!

  10. Impressive! Can’t imagine doing that but admire people who do.

  11. looks like the water is cold!

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