Posted by: Geoff | July 2, 2015

A stamp for Llandudno


One of the stamp plaques that have been installed on postboxes throughout the UK.

Each plaque features one of the most popular stamps that has a connection with the particular city, town or village in which it can be found. This stamp is of Llandudno Pier and can be found near the entrance to the pier on the promenade.


Here’s a closer look… the photo was taken directly outside of our shop, the roof canopy can be seen on the left.



  1. Wow, something for the whole town to be proud of!

  2. not heard about these stamp plagues – must look out for some

  3. Wow wat a neat idea!! Without sounding too vague!! but is there a actual Lliandudno stamp issued that can be used ?? ..that post box is right opposite where il be stayin this be able to have a butchers when i get there..

  4. Is that your shop on the left on the stamp Geoff?

    • It is indeed, Christine.

  5. Very cool. Never heard of such a thing. And it’s pretty nice your pier got noticed! BTW, who is Lewis Hamilton? A soccer player, perhaps? Forgive my ignorance, please…

    • He’s the current Formula One World Champion racing driver!

  6. How wonderful that your city is featured on a stamp and even better that a tiny corner of your shop is visible on it. That would thrill me.

  7. How neat! Everybody’s home town should get a stamp! I love that idea.

  8. British stamps are so beautiful. I collected them for the longest time and one day just decided that I didn’t have enough space for the albums anymore…

  9. Cool blues in that stamp and what publicity for you. Who knows,your shop could be on a British banknote one day!

  10. That’s wonderful, Geoff!

  11. That’s so neat! Your shop is on a stamp! Not everyone has that claim to fame 🙂 !! Chuckling over Barbara’s comment — next goal: your shop on a bank note!

  12. What a great idea and I did love seeing the iconic British post box on my recent travels.

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