Posted by: Geoff | July 1, 2015

Sea breeze


Taken yesterday, the pier offered a nice cooling breeze to escape from the heat of a hot summer afternoon.


  1. The bunting is out, time for party!

  2. Them seats are beckoning!! Weve got a nice breeze here today… 🙂

  3. Blue skies, blue water, gorgeous pier – just about perfect. I’m wondering how you define “heat,” though. It will be 94 degree F here today and I’ll be on the golf course, probably wishing I was out on your pier!

    • Nowhere near that hot! It was probably around 82f in the town, and a lot cooler on the pier with the sea breeze.

  4. I think you can guess where I’d rather be right now

  5. I must say, that sounds just about perfect right about now.

  6. Bright and breezy
    Free and easy…

    Plenty of room for us there Terry!

    • Sure is Barbera. Just watch them seagulls tho!! 🙂

  7. I heard that you have lots of heat! The pier is a good place to be.

  8. A grand view. Hopefully will be walking along Marine Drive next week. (not all the way round though.) 🙂

    • Save me some sunshine for the week after please christine. 🙂

      • I’ll be there that week too Terry, so it had better be nice weather. 🙂

  9. The colours are magnificent and I’ll trade you your heat by the sea for my polluted 40°! And if it does get cooler, please don’t be selfish, send some over because apparently we’re in for it for at least a week…

  10. This is such a splendid photo. I would like to step into it and sit on one of those benches, and that pretty railing overlooking the sea and the cliff line, along with the old lamp and decorative line of flags makes for a beautifully compost shot.

  11. Such a fantastic sky! Love the benches and the bunting.

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