Posted by: Geoff | June 30, 2015



A sunny view of the Tabenacl, which stands on the corner of Llewellyn Avenue and Upper Mostyn Street.

The Tabernacl is currently used for arts projects, including Lost Spaces by Culture Action Llandudno. On their website you can find people’s memories of the Tabernacl from when it was in use as a chapel:

“My name is Delyth, I remember the annual Sunday school trip to Llandudno by steam train from Blaenau Ffestiniog during the. Late 1940/50ies. We would go to the Capel Tabernacle for lunch. The ladies of the chapel would have made us a lovely lunch with ‘puddings’ which was a great treat for us. We were from Tabernacle Chapel in Blaenau Ffestiniog and for weeks before the Sunday School trip we made sure we went to Sunday School otherwise we wouldn’t be allowed to go on the trip. The times we would count our pennies saved, even on the train. Going through the long tunnel we would be looking through the train windows trying to see the tramps that our mothers told us were there banging their food tins. Hope it helps you” Delyth Shotter


  1. This reminds me of my Methodist,choir singing,Sunday School days. Life is much more laid-back now.

  2. Is this how you say it in Welsh, ta-ber-neck? 😉

    • I think this particular word reads exactly as it looks.

  3. A nice majestic lookin building.topped with that beautifull blue sky… its blue skies and hot here today.. 🙂

  4. Fascinating. Is this part of a particular Christian sect? I’m thinking it’s probably not Anglican.

  5. That really is a beautiful building and a sweet memory.

  6. Beautiful building, and a nice story to go with it!

  7. I love hearing people’s memories like this. What a neat place!

  8. This reminds me of all the literature I’ve read about the Valleys… It’s a lovely building!

  9. It’s beautiful and so nicely maintained!

  10. A great looking building, lovely shot! Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet message for my hospitalized father-in-law. He, all of us, really appreciated you taking the time to wish him well.

  11. Lovely – I did a post about this recently Maybe I will get inside when we return in September

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