Posted by: Geoff | June 22, 2015

A peep at the pier

The Happy Valley Llandudno

A glimpse of Llandudno Pier through the foliage in the Happy Valley on a sunny Sunday afternoon.



  1. That’s a view and a half. Will just make my way down to that empty seat!

  2. Thats a smashing sunshiney glimps of the pier thru the trees.its like coming across an hidden gem as you come out of a forest!!. 🙂 it pouring down here today ( in the potteries) 😦

  3. A beautiful view!

  4. Feels like a tropical paradise!

  5. Lovely assortment of trees there, with the pier ‘floating’ in the sea.

  6. This looks almost tropical!

  7. The pier seems to make pictures special!

  8. I’m happy! A lovely glimpse of that beautiful pier through the beautiful foliage of Happy Valley!

  9. Very enticing!

  10. well that’s a nice little peep of the pier 😉

  11. Beautifully framed shot!

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