Posted by: Geoff | June 5, 2015



Yesterday evening, a view from the corner of Castle Street and Rose Hill Street looking towards Conwy Castle.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. It’s a fine old castle.

  2. The castle is very impressive, love the photo.

    Thank for commenting on my blog. I have a quiet morning after hectic few days on holiday, and wifi is good at present so I am trying to return a few visits.

  3. I really need to make an effort to visit Wales more often! 😉

  4. I love the medevil look of this photo .its a magnificent looking castle.. have a good weekend Geoff. 🙂

  5. Oh my, that is a gorgeous shot! What a photographic castle!

  6. What a sight (site)! I can just imagine the view from the top of the castle!

  7. Beautiful angle… Nice to see what Conwy Castle looks like, as it and Llandudno were the setting for a series of mystery novels (Penny Brannigan mysteries) I read a while ago. They are by Elizabeth Duncan, and they’re all set in Llandudno. Nice light reading.

  8. Fabulous, Geoff!

  9. I love that place!

  10. The old and the new blending in together.

  11. This looks quite fancy!

  12. I think I saw an aerial video of the castle, shot from a small drone. Quite a place.

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