Posted by: Geoff | June 1, 2015

Take aim


Spotted yesterday afternoon, this seagull seems to be daring someone to take aim at it with one of the water cannons from the ‘Pirate Blasta’ attraction on the pier!



  1. One brave seagull esp if its been pinchin peoples chips!!. “Revenge at last” 🙂

  2. Bad birds! They steal chips.
    Shoot them all 😉

  3. The gull is much braver than I am! 😉

  4. The gull doesn’t seem to be too concerned. Maybe he’s seen people try to shoot those cannons and knows he’s very safe! 🙂

  5. The gull does look like he’s taking command.

  6. Another great shot! Those seagulls seem to always find a way to “ham it up” in your photos. I’m thinking of your recent photo with the seagull who joined the Red Arrows formation in the air show.

  7. Nice catch, Geoff!

  8. Lol, I’ll pass, you’ll find me on the beach!

  9. What a perfect scene! Love the seagull and the bunting flapping in the wind.

  10. Don’t you dare!

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