Posted by: Geoff | May 25, 2015

The Red Arrows at Llandudno Air Show


Saturday saw thousands of people visit Llandudno to view the annual Air Show, among the many displays on show were the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team the Red Arrows…


… here they are flying in formation over the Great Orme…


… and sweeping past the Little Orme…


… this seagull decided to join in too!



  1. Great shots, but my favourite is the one with the seagull. 🙂

  2. Wow, you got some pretty amazing shots of this event. I love air shows and this one looks spectacular, especially in such a gorgeous setting.

  3. Wow what great photos of the arrows(inc seagull). And a lovely day for the airshow as well. It was 1977 when i last saw the arrows here.the beach and prom was packed with people back then..a great post geoff thanks…

  4. Brilliant!!!! It must have been fantastic!
    I missed the Patrouille de France over the palace last week but I shared some photos on VDP’s Facebook page, if you scroll down just a little bit to the 22nd:

  5. Crayon scribblings in the skies. Magnificent.And the bird came too!

  6. Spectacular! I think we had something similar in London too. 😉

  7. Brilliant! Great job capturing the Red Arrows and the seagull decided to do his own aerial show.

  8. WOW! Great shots of the eir show!

  9. Super photos! These air shows are a lot of fun. I’ve seen our Navy put on similar shows. In one case, a pilot friend of mine was killed when two of them collided. I’ve not seen the Red Arrows before, though. Spectacular presentation!

  10. Great shots, Geoff! I particularly like the one with the bird.

  11. Years back I saw them over the beach on the southern part of England.
    Your photographs are fantastic!
    Great action shots!

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