Posted by: Geoff | May 20, 2015

Dunphy’s Corner


I took a stroll down to Craig y Don yesterday morning, here’s a view of Dunphy’s Corner.



  1. Looks like a mirror image of Mostyn St! 😉

    • It does look similar to the post from last Monday!

  2. I wonder why it’s called Dunphy’s Corner, a shop perhaps? Very ornate building.

    • Apparently it used to be a grocery store for many years, called Dunphy’s… hence the name!

      • Oh, thank you!

  3. Wow i bet that building can tell some tales!!!
    :-).. love the name…

  4. it’s beautiful! that is the most elegant grocery store!

  5. I wonder if this Dunphy is related to Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family”? Just kidding. That’s a grocery. BTW, what’s in the caves?

  6. Marvelous looking place.

  7. I love that building on the corner. It has a very unique style.

  8. I love the look of this place, Geoff!

  9. A far cry from Morrisons and self-service tills.Good to see the building is still preserved.

  10. I photographed this last year On the front façade are the initials RMP and the date 1896 but I couldn’t discover what RMP stood for.

  11. It’s beautiful!

  12. Trying to work out where it is!

  13. What a stately building!

  14. What a beautiful corner. People must be proud to have a building like this.

  15. RMP stands for Royal Manor Park which is the address of the apartments in this beautiful building

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