Posted by: Geoff | May 18, 2015

A stroll along Mostyn Street


Mostyn Street, viewed at the junction of Clonmel Street and Trinity Square.

The Alexandra Hotel, which featured in an episode of Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector in February last year, is in the centre of shot.


  1. Can’t wait to see some of their “before & after” shots. 🙂
    Did you take any?

  2. I remember that show… wen u was ur end last year they hat scaffolding around it looks better now tho.. 🙂

  3. Love seeing street shots like this one. I wish the weather was a little warmer here. I need to get out and about!

  4. That looks a lot smarter. I remember that on tv, too Terry. I think I’ll stick with the place I know though. 🙂

    • Yes i love the place i stop at too. Right by the pier..looks lovely at night all lit up…

      • What does the hotel begin with? I’m intrigued.

  5. I have never seen The Hotel Inspector, but I’d like to inspect that hotel up close some time!

  6. Wonderful architecture, great street photo. I went to Llandudno as a child but my memory of it is bad. It is lovely to see it in your photos.

  7. I can see myself strolling down that street!

  8. That looks like a grand building!

  9. Very nice view and pretty blue flowers!

  10. looks better now it’s got rid of the scaffolding

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