Posted by: Geoff | April 29, 2015

Over Prince Edward Square


A slightly different view looking towards the Great Orme from the first floor of the Merrion Hotel.

The Cenotaph stands left of shot with Hill Terrace beyond… and a group of goats basking in the sunshine on the Orme!



  1. Nice photo of that area i never knew it had a name..and a great shot of the guest house where i normally stop… 🙂

  2. Hill Terrace, I know it well. A steep climb to the cable cars & Happy Valley, but well worth it.

  3. it all looks so perfect!

  4. such a great view. I love all those beautiful buildings against the green of the Great Orme.

  5. Neat! I like how most buildings are white but that there’s a yellow one and red one too.

  6. This is a lovely view, Geoff!

  7. Such an interesting photo…and thanks for the info on the goats…I wondered what those white things were! You have a beautiful city!

  8. Is the yellow building on the hill a hotel? I wish I could teleport myself there right now! Looks like a great location!

    • Hi Judy, it was a hotel called ‘All Seasons’… however, I’m not sure if it still operates as an hotel, or has become a private dwelling.

  9. Clean and neat and sparkling in the sun. Soon be there.

  10. They look like miniature buildings! 😉

  11. Love the buildings. Very charming!

  12. Is the Headlands no longer a hotel? I noticed it was for sale last year

    • As far as I’m aware it’s still a fully operational hotel!

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