Posted by: Geoff | April 14, 2015

Heading down


Cable car number 20 about to end its journey down from the top of the Great Orme.

The cable car first opened in 1969 and spans a distance of one mile and forty feet, unfortunately the cable cars are very weather restricted and can’t operate if wind speeds exceed 22 mph.



  1. Its nice watchin these lifts wen sunbathin in the valley.. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a vintage cable car!

  3. Would love to fly in this yellow bird but haven’t got the nerve….

  4. I wouldn’t want to ride in it if the winds exceeded 22 mph! πŸ™‚ Nice shot. Are there people inside that we can’t see?

  5. So they must not have been operating the other day when you has those strong winds. Disneyland used to have a sky ride that looked exactly like this. I don’t think they have it any longer but I do remember enjoying the ride in those “buckets” when I was a kid.

  6. I’ll pass! ;-))

  7. Nice spring yellow!

  8. A bit scary, but marvellous views on the way.

  9. Was there anyone in it? Looks like a ghost car!

  10. we had these at the zoo (san diego zoo) and i’d love to take them when i was a kid!

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