Posted by: Geoff | March 23, 2015

In the dark


After several successive days of abundant sunshine the much awaited partial solar eclipse arrived on Friday morning, to cloudy skies… suffice to say Saturday and Sunday were both clear and sunny too!

The tiny sliver of blue towards the top right is where the sun is just visible…


… a closer view.



  1. Lucky you!
    It was too cloudy here, I couldn’t even find the Sun!
    Next time in 2026, perhaps?! Ha ha

  2. Nice shot Geoff. It was clear here and an eerie silence was all around. It was live on tv from Jodrell Bank.(just a few miles across the fields from where i live) it was a fascinating experience . Shame bout ur clouds tho!! 🙂

  3. Just a short glimpse through cloudy skies here in The Lakes. You were right about the eerie silence Terry. Made one feel like a very tiny dot in the universe….

  4. Wow, great job on this shot even with all the clouds. I have friends who are solar eclipse followers and they went to the Faroe Islands to view the event. They were extremely lucky because the clouds parted for one whole minute just at the total eclipse moment. They sent back a little one minute video one of them took while the other one was manning the still cameras. They’ve also gotten to see the Northern lights for the very first time. Lucky couple.

  5. Watched eclipse briefly. Would love to see the Northern lights, they should have been visible in our area last week (Midlands) but guess what, that’s right, too cloudy!

  6. Nice shot, even with the clouds!

  7. Murphy’s Law, Geoff!

  8. Fabulous. At least you saw SOMEthing. We didn’t!

  9. almost like it’s in black and white, beautiful! we had a nice sunny weekend but now expecting rain tomorrow and colder, below normal temps for the rest of the week/weekend…blah…i guess that’s spring though!

  10. Fantastic shots! I love how you caught the bit of blue!

  11. Magnificent shots, Geoff.

    I was in England for the solar eclipse in 1999. Seems to me it was a total one. We were driving along outside of Glastonbury on a country road when all went dark. The driver pulled over and we got out to listen. The birds had stopped chirping and the cows were silent, as though they thought it was time to go to sleep.
    When the sun returned we drove on to Glastonbury. The Druids and worshipers were leaving the Tor. The fun was over! A good time for us to climb up and enjoy.

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