Posted by: Geoff | March 18, 2015

Looking down Old Road


Taken just after noon today; a view following the tram track down Old Road to Victoria Station, with the North Shore visible in the distance.



  1. I like the view of the bay just coming into sight. It looks a lovely day today over your way geoff. just seen some live pics on itv 4 .

    • It’s very clear and sunny, and more forecast for tomorrow too… could do with being about 10 degrees warmer though Terry!

  2. Nice view and it looks like a perfect day to be out taking pictures.

  3. Mist over the bay but what a lovely day.

  4. Can you imagine if you forgot to buy some milk from the town downhill? 😉

    • It’s a VERY steep walk back up 😉

  5. I just had the same thought as London Caller. Keeps you fit I suppose!

  6. That is a lovely view, Geoff!

  7. Such a pretty view!

  8. Breath-taking view! Must be wonderful to be able to see views like that every day!

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