Posted by: Geoff | March 10, 2015

Great Orme to Little Orme

Great Orme and Pier Llandudno

A panoramic shot from outside our shop on Llandudno Pier, taken on Sunday afternoon.


  1. This is an angle iv never seen.its great!. Im going have to try this panoramic feature on my phone..lovely blue sky bye the way!!

  2. What a fantastic shade of blue! Looks very spring-y there. 🙂

  3. Shades of black and blue make an arresting shot. No holding you now!

  4. Such a lovely view! It makes going to work quite enjoyable, I’m sure!

  5. What a gorgeous view!

  6. This is gorgeous and captivating!!!

  7. What a wonderful view.

  8. The sky is so blue!

  9. What a view, Geoff!

  10. Wow. I hope your Sunday was as warm as it looks (ours was!)

  11. i’m liking your panoramics!

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