Posted by: Geoff | March 3, 2015

Blue Monday


Monday afternoon in Llandudno, very bright and very breezy… so breezy that the pier was closed.


  1. Looks a bit choppy.. good kite flyin weather tho!! 🙂

  2. Hold onto your hats folks. I like that ‘very bright’. A sign of good days to come?

  3. Like to be near the pier in rough weather, with spray coming over the wall.
    I’ve never grown up really. 🙂

  4. I like Terry’s comment. Someone should be out there with a kite.

  5. Oh yea, forgot to ask you this:
    did you enjoy the cawl on St David’s Day? 😉

    • I actually had bangers and mash!

  6. Did you have the Monday blues? 🙂

    (Oh and thanks for that. Now I want bangers and mash but bangers are hard to find here!)

  7. It looks so bright though!

  8. oh, i bet it was very cold with a breeze like that!

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