Posted by: Geoff | February 25, 2015

A pint at The Palladium


A view of the front entrance of The Palladium, (Y Paladiwm) the former cinema and now a very popular JD Wetherspoon pub.

Here is another shot of the buildings exterior from 2012.



  1. The last time i visited this building was in 1977 when it was a cinema. A James bond film was showing!!! .It was really beautiful inside…

  2. He he.. My Welsh is very very terrible!
    So the letter “w” sounds like “u”? 😉
    And “y” is “the”. 😉
    I learnt something new today.

    • The Welsh pronunciation of Palladium is a lot nicer than the English version!

  3. Very impressive building. Looks like a tall iced cake. Have only visited it as a cinema though.

  4. It retains the cinema look making for a grand entrance for the pub.

  5. Love this entrance!

  6. Love the fact that it’s Welsh, love the look and well… wouldn’t mind half a pint of cider right now!

    • The interior is very grand… the original balcony, complete with seats is still there, as is a very wide range of alcoholic beverages!

  7. oh what a beautiful place!

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