Posted by: Geoff | February 9, 2015

Nick Beer 10km Road Race 2015


Yesterday saw the annual Nick Beer 10km Road Race take place. The race started and ended on Llandudno Promenade, and included a circuit of the Great Orme.


  1. And after the run, everyone was given a pint of free beer? 😉

  2. You have as many crazy people there as we do here. Lois Anne used to run and I got up very early on many mornings so accompany her. Actually it was kinda fun to take pictures. But I don’t run. What, you crazy?

    Re your comment on Ocala and the bear: I’m grinning. Gotcha!

  3. What a great turnout.looks like a lovely day to help things along.. 🙂

  4. Must not be too cold with everyone in shorts!

  5. There are quite a lot of participants out getting some exercise.

  6. looks like a nice day for it!

  7. I think there are women running as well? Excellent!

  8. That’s quite a race with the Great Orme thrown in there!

  9. Looks like the weather played along!

  10. Have you ever done this run Geoff? Sure you are fit enough. There’s that seagull again!

    • The only time I run is to catch a bus, Barbara… and I have a car so I never use buses 😉

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