Posted by: Geoff | January 30, 2015

Ray of light


A view from half way up Hill Terrace, looking over North Parade towards the West Shore and beyond. By the way, yesterday’s forecast snow never actually materialised.

See you on Monday!



  1. We had some sleet, that’s it 😉

  2. Quiet a bit of snow here.. too cold to build a snowman tho!!..nice rooftop view again.just need mary poppins and the chimney sweeps and were all set to go!! . 🙂
    Have a great week end geoff..

  3. That mens no shoveling you you today! 🙂

  4. I’m assuming you’re happy you got no snow. I would be. 🙂 Re your friend’s electric car: I’ll bet you got a charge out of that!

    Have a fun, relaxing weekend!

  5. I just read that snow was predicted for London also but, none materialized there either. Nice view here.

  6. Beautiful view. We got a little of the white stuff overnight, but it’s gone now.

  7. Nice view over the rooftops, Geoff!

  8. That’s an amazing shot with just a glimpse of the sea!

  9. Very pretty.

  10. I see that seagull flying over.

  11. Loved your comment on Ocala! Maybe that’s ’cause I have a tendency to spill all of when eating and watching TV! 🙂

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