Posted by: Geoff | January 27, 2015

View from the Great Orme


A panoramic view looking in the direction of Conwy, from the western side of the Great Orme.


  1. That spit reminded me of Chesil Beach. 🙂
    Yes, a long, narrow strip of land connecting Weymouth and Portland.

  2. Nice!! as the sun shimmers on the sea and how the water contours along the west shore…and a moody sky looks over it all !!…
    “Well thats as deeep as i go lyrically” 🙂
    great photo Geoff!!.. 🙂

  3. beautiful!

  4. That really is a beautiful view. I love that patch of green to the left and the light on the water to the right. Very nice.

  5. You have great views in your town. Love how the light is glittering on the water.

  6. Super composition. Great light and I like the silky smooth look of the water!

  7. There was an article here in the weekend paper about hiking in Wales and it started off in your area with a hike up the Great Orme for the view!

  8. Untroubled waters.

  9. The beach in the foreground, looking black and the lit green… oh what a gorgeous photo!

  10. You’ve topped yourself with this one, Geoff!

  11. beautiful view! 🙂

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