Posted by: Geoff | January 26, 2015

Drifting by the pier


A solitary cloud floating over the pier yesterday morning.



  1. It was sunny in London yesterday too 🙂
    I did a 5-mile walk in Wimbledon Common.
    Saw some green parakeets 🙂

  2. Love the ribbon of little,lazy wavelets.

    • Love your language Barbara

      • We haven’t heard from you for ages. Hope all goes well.

  3. Summers day in January. 🙂

  4. Looks nice bright and calm. The beach looks bucket and spade are at the ready!!

  5. This is nice. I like the light on the pier. The lazy cloud drifting by is nice, too!

  6. It almost looks like summer.

  7. Ahh a wee bit of Wordsworth in the air

    • 🙂 Now if only it was as warm out today as when Wordsworth had gone wandering, lonely as a cloud, and saw all the daffodils…

  8. That looks soooo like June!

  9. That’s lovely, Geoff!

  10. It’s pretty there, rain or shine.

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