Posted by: Geoff | January 13, 2015

Monday afternoon on the West Shore


The recent strong winds and stormy weather appear to have shifted part of the beach onto the West Shore Promenade!



  1. Hope you didnt have any flooding… more to come later tonight i hear !!.. be safe all..

  2. We are hearing about the strong winds everywhere, makes the wind here in London seem like a breeze by comparison

  3. Here we go again! Life’s constant battles….

  4. Looks like the main thoroughfare at Ft. Lauderdale beach after a hurricane!

  5. High winds will move that sand around for sure. I wonder what is causing you have so much lately.

  6. It’s not too bad here.
    Just very cloudy.

  7. I think you’ll need something bigger than a bucket & spade to shift that lot, JCB maybe.

  8. Wow….the wind really changed the beach!!!

  9. The power of the sea is incredible!

  10. There’s some shovelling to do!

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