Posted by: Geoff | January 7, 2015

Pigeons’ Cave


Looks like yesterday was a good day for a bit of sea angling. This limestone shelf is near to Pigeons’ Cave, (Ogof Colomenriod) where a quarry was once established to produce stone for the building of Telford’s Conwy Bridge and subsequently delivered there by boat.



  1. I suspect it’ll be a bit wild there before long

  2. Wild and wonderful. Would they be fishing for sea bass?

    • Possibly Barbara, I’ve never held a fishing rod in my life so wouldn’t have a clue what they were catching!

  3. That’s a steep path to that ledge, not too good when it’s windy! Certainly blow the cobwebs away though.

  4. Probably catchin a cold by the looks of the weather!!! Interestin how they got down there.
    love the names of the different spots of the Orme… 🙂

  5. Great if you don’t mind your fun a bit chilly!

  6. I think I’ll stay wherever you were and take photos, too. Looks a bit too edgy and dangerous out there! It’s a great shot, though!

  7. seems like it would be too easy to slide right off of that rock!

  8. Looks slippery when wet!

  9. That looks a bit dangerous to me. I don’t think I’d want to attempt it.

  10. It looks scary to me, Geoff!

  11. I like fishing!
    They’re probably catching mackerel.

  12. Mackerel, sea bass, I’ll join them!

    I visited Llechwedd slate quarry but I didn’t know about limestone. It makes sense though.

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