Posted by: Geoff | January 2, 2015

North Western Gardens


A rear view of the White Rabbit sculpture, which can be found at the bottom of Mostyn Street. The skies are a lot clearer here today, but it’s still quite gusty… have a sunny weekend!


  1. I love these sculptures dotted around town, its as if they are on gaurd keepin llandudno safe!! 🙂 Bit cloudy here today…. 😦

  2. I love that sunshine.

  3. It’s sunny here too but a bit chilly!

  4. I like the sunshine, but hate wind! It’s a nice glimpse of your beautiful city! Re the white rabbit: Is there some special meaning to the sculpture? Are white rabbits endemic to your area?

    • Apparently Llandudno has a link to Alice in Wonderland… hence the various Alice characters that are dotted around the town.

  5. This doesn’t look windy at all!

  6. Good for you!
    It’s a gloomy day in London today 😦

  7. a good ,very good rabbit ,nice day

  8. Where is Alice?

    • The Alice sculpture is directly opposite Llandudno railway station.

  9. The slies do look quite blue. I hope the wind has calmed!

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