Posted by: Geoff | December 29, 2014

Sunny Llandudno


Yesterday was a good day to wrap up and have a nice stroll on the beach.



  1. Looks like a few people agreed that yesterday was a nice day for a stroll.

  2. Just look at that blue sea. No one taking a ‘dip’ that day then!

  3. Looks nice and fresh!!. Just the ticket to work some of those mince pies off!!!… the snow as nearly gone here now…its just very frrrrrrosty.. 🙂

  4. A crunch along the beach and then a welcome cup of coffee. Count me in.

  5. What a beautiful day!

  6. looks like a perfect day! that’s how we were for a couple of days around christmas then it turned rainy yesterday and is still grey and rainy…blah!

  7. The weather is in your favor here! Is that huge sandy area covered at high tide? The water looks quite inviting. Too cold for me, though. I’ll go in the Atlantic if the water temps about 82 degrees!

  8. Oh, I meant to say i really enjoyed your funny comment on Ocala DP!

  9. And, it looks like quite a few people did just that.

  10. I love a stroll on the beach!

  11. I hope I’ll have time for a stroll on the beach this week, we have the same blue sky in Brittany at the moment!

  12. Nothing better than a stroll on the beach

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