Posted by: Geoff | December 24, 2014

The day before Christmas in Llandudno


1pm on Christmas Eve, a ‘tropical’ looking view of the pier from the promenade.



  1. That’s an unexpected tropical look! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. A lovely unique xmas photo Geoff.. a very merry xmas to all… 🙂 🙂

  3. Christmas with palm trees, a strong contradiction. Had it also a few times. Merry Christmas.


  4. Wow, wish I was sitting on that bench. Happy Christmas all.

  5. Hmmm….this looks suspiciously like Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Hmmm. Well, the snow falling is a little off, but otherwise…

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. I agree with Lowell! I thought I was looking at a scene in Florida! If it weren’t for the palm trees, could be Ohio on Lake Erie too… It’s going to be 60 degrees here today.

  7. This shot sums up everything I love about Llandudno. A very happy Christmas to Geoff and all my fellow bloggers.

  8. Looks like a lovely Christmas ahead! Have a Merry Christmas, Geoff!

  9. Seems very un-Christmas-y to me! NO SNOW! Merry Christmas!

  10. That’s how they have it in Australia. 🙂
    Surfing, anyone?
    Happy Christmas.

  11. Peace and quiet, how lovely! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve!

  12. Palm trees and no snow in southern California, too, but it’s still Christmas. We have our ways…
    Merry Christmas to all!

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