Posted by: Geoff | December 18, 2014

A goat’s eye view


One of the many wild goats that can be found on the Great Orme; more about the goats can be seen here.



  1. A fine looking fellow!! These goats certainly like living on the edge!! Wonder if hes lookin out 4 santa… ” wont be long now kid ” 🙂

  2. Caught me Geoff. You’ve even got the bird in the picture! Lovely pink glow on the sea.

  3. Great shot of the goat and its surroundings! I feel like I am almost there.

  4. He looks like he’s posing for you.

  5. I wonder where his friends are? Interesting information about the goats.

  6. He’s a handsome one!

  7. Love your wild goats. I wonder if they give you a wild time? Wild milk? A good-looking critter. And this is a really nice composition…combining the mountain, water and sky!

  8. The goats are becoming such stars! 😉

  9. Ha ha… Have you been stalking the same goat?
    He always gives you this ah-not-you-again look! 😉

  10. love his little beard 🙂

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