Posted by: Geoff | December 4, 2014

To infinity… and beyond


… well, via the distant wind farm.

Taken at noon yesterday, a look along the jetty and out to see.



  1. The jetty leads us to an endless horizon!
    Brilliant perspective.

  2. Looks very desolate and chilly 😦 could do with that wind farm blowin some of them clouds away to reveal that lovely blue sky.. 🙂

  3. great title to go along with!

  4. That looks a bit chilly. No boats now. 😦

  5. Nice job on this one! It reminds me of those infinity pools…only this is an infinity pier!

  6. I think we might have a Buzz Lightyear fan amongst us!

  7. Nice perspective here, Geoff!

  8. Love this one. You have lots of nice scenes to photograph in your part of the world. 🙂

  9. Oh to jump in at the end… in the summer that is!

  10. Colours,textures,memories of friends and holidays long gone….

  11. It has indeed an infinity feeling. Top.


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