Posted by: Geoff | December 2, 2014

Before sunrise


Taken at 7.45 this morning; a choppy looking sea with the sun starting to rise beyond the Little Orme.



  1. A ominous start to the day and a tint of red sky in the morning too…. that framework by that lovely lamp looks interesting!! Some kind of seafront activity maybe, or a normal fixture ive not noticed before!!. Hope the day gets brighter for you all…. 🙂

    • Another blue sky day now, Terry!

  2. Can we borrow some of that blue sky over here please Geoff… have a good day… 🙂

  3. Moody. Where’s the seagull?

  4. And, just the tiniest hint of pink in the sky.

  5. I see a touch of color in the distance. I’ll be it turned out to be a nice day … maybe a little windy, though.

  6. What a gorgeous shade of pale blue. Looks like a good start to the day to me!

  7. Not a time of day I normally see but that looks lovely and peaceful despite the rolling sea.

  8. Oh that is such a pretty, pretty sight even if it is blustery!

  9. Very dramatic.

  10. Must be so cold in the morning!

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