Posted by: Geoff | November 20, 2014

The Great Orme


The Great Orme seen from near the end of the promenade.

The Orme is roughly two miles wide and one mile long, and is also home to over a 150 wild goats (a number of which have featured before on this blog!). Much more information about the Great Orme can be found here.



  1. Its a beautiful sight as you approach the prom from the little orme..

  2. those lucky goats!

  3. You are so right Terry, a beautiful view.

  4. Bright and clear – what a sight! Entrancing!

  5. A beautiful view on a very clear day.

  6. Let’s go for a walk!

  7. Wonderful pic of it!

  8. Lovely view! Just stopping by from seeing your blog featured on Jerry’s blog!

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