Posted by: Geoff | October 24, 2014

Bright and breezy


We’re ending the week where we started, back on the West Shore for some more bracing sea air.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. A very moody picture..nice shades of colour of the sea.. have a good week end … 🙂

  2. A bit of blue sky there. Wish I was standing there breathing in all that fresh air. No sign of Anglesey through the mist.

  3. Look at all those white caps! The wind must really be strong.

  4. Bracing indeed!

  5. Lace petticoats on show today!

  6. Despite the fact that it’s probably what, 10-12°, I think I might be tempted to wade in…

  7. “Bracing” means chilly, right? It’s a beautiful photo but sure does look chilly there. If I were you I’d wear a heavy jacket so you could brace yourself against the cold! 🙂

  8. Looks a little more than breezy there!

  9. It’s looking kind of wintery there!

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