Posted by: Geoff | October 21, 2014

Waiting for Gonzalo


The North Shore Promenade earlier this morning, bracing itself for the arrival of stormy conditions from the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo later today.



  1. This seems to be an ongoing trend in weather now for the uk.. just hope no one gets hurt .its really gusty here now. Hope you all stay safe.

  2. looks so cold…hope there wasn’t any damage

  3. Retail therapy today!

  4. we’ve had everything today – blustery winds kept waking us in the night and this morning we some ordinary rain then strong winds then bright sunshine and then a hailstorm.

    • Just sunshine and cloud here at the moment, and gusty winds!

  5. Even the seagulls have deserted.

  6. I hate hurricanes. We’ve been very fortunate so far this year – none! But we did live through some big ones, like Hurricane Andrew in south Florida. Hope you’re doing well. I’ve got some health problems but am posting on L & L Photography.

  7. It does look very cold and windy in this shot. I hope the storm doesn’t cause too much upheaval in your city.

  8. That hurricane just skimmed by our Newfoundland but didn’t hit directly thank goodness!

  9. I hope all is well!

  10. That’s a beautifully atmospherical autumn photograph. We’ve had a very windy day here…

  11. After seeing this, I especially look forward to your next post.

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