Posted by: Geoff | September 10, 2014

Inside the old garage

GarageThis old garage, located behind Debenhams and the Tudno Castle Hotel, has been abandoned for years. As part of LLAWN02, Llandudno Arts Weekend, it’s being brought to life by artist Robert Pitwell.

Group011 (Large)

Robert, pictured above yesterday afternoon, is creating an installation named ‘Shell’, that investigates the building’s history and resonance. During the festival, the public will be able to visit the site to see Robert’s response to the space. At present, it remains mostly derelict, as you can see from the images below…



Read more about Robert’s installation here.


  1. Mussels? That’s interesting!
    Well, better than using barnacles!
    I can’t stare at them too long, they give me goosebumps. Ha!

  2. it would be a great space fixed up!

  3. It would be fun to watch this develop.

  4. Would welcome a go at this as I like rescuing things. In London it would probably be transformed into a small,very expensive house.

  5. What a nice little place all tucked away, its beaming with character, glad it was picked up for the arts weekend..maybe it will have a brighter future after the event… πŸ™‚

  6. It’s really interesting looking at someone else’s take on things.

  7. It would make a great studio or a very expensive dwelling!

  8. Wonderful that this space is getting a second life (even if it’s a short one!). Maybe it will inspire someone to take over the place permanently. πŸ™‚

  9. The building looks sturdy enough, worth renovating.

  10. Something about such entropy is compelling.

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