Posted by: Geoff | September 8, 2014

Bicycles on the prom


These colourful bicycles have appeared on the promenade’s shelters, presumably to mark the arrival of the Tour of Britain cycle race today. The race will circle the Great Orme and finish on the prom at around 3pm. More details can be found on the race’s website.



  1. I wondered where I’d parked it. 🙂 Another sunny day – blue haze.

  2. How funny! Love the bright colors!!!

  3. Oh they’re there now?
    They were here some weeks ago!

  4. I love them cycles on the roof. Be nice as a permanent fixture and lit up at night!. 🙂
    I saw on tv bout the race it sounds like an exciting event and it looks like a lovely day to stage it.. 🙂

  5. A good way to mark the event!

  6. i love it!

  7. Inspired. They look as if they are made of Llandudno rock. Always partial to a bit of the sweet stuff!

  8. I hope it is on our TV today – yesterday’s stage was!

  9. That’s a very nice way of welcoming the tour! You are having glorious weather!

  10. hope they’ll be a permanent feature – they look good.

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