Posted by: Geoff | September 5, 2014

View from Llandudno Pier


The view from Llandudno Pier, looking past the Grand Hotel towards the promenade.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh I can see a pagoda-like tower on the left!
    What’s that?

    • It’s actually St John’s Methodist Church’s spire, which is presently surrounded by scaffolding while repairs are underway.

  2. So beautiful! Hope you have a happy weekend.

  3. A great inward look towards the bay. Is that some kind of scaffolding around the church spire to the left?.. i got me days mixed up yesterday(was convinced it was friday der!) 🙂 so il say have a good week end all “now” 🙂

  4. the sea looks so calm here

  5. From this angle, I always think that the Grand Hotel looks like a fairy tale castle.

  6. That’s a very inviting view!

  7. That’s a ‘back at school’ beach.Hope you have some fine September days to attract the visitors.

  8. That’s an interesting perspective!

  9. Love the light, that ray of sunshine is so beautiful!

  10. If your weekend looks like this then I know you MUST be enjoying it.

  11. The promenade looks lovely with the mountains in the background.

  12. I imagine one of those mountains in Snowdon in the background. Doesn’t look quite as high as it does when you are taking the train up it!

  13. looks like a calm day on the water!

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