Posted by: Geoff | August 25, 2014

Bank Holiday Sunday


A view of a busy looking promenade and beach yesterday afternoon.



  1. People in the sea, a little bit milder here too in the Midlands yesterday.

  2. Nice to see the summer time is going strong over there. 🙂 . yes it was mild in the Midlands (Stoke.on.Trent) yesterday Christine..
    Very cold and wet today tho!! 😦

  3. It’s rather cloudy here.
    Today’s raining 😦
    No fun 😦

  4. Lovely day in the Lakes yesterday and dry but a bit chilly and dull here today. I guess you are up high somewhere to take this shot. I’m thinking of that seat on the prom’ near the deep blue agapanthus plant. Have taken a few photographs there. Enjoy your Bank Holiday.

  5. getting the most of the end of summer!

  6. Lot’s of people out to take advantage of the holiday weekend.

  7. It is to be sunny and 26˚C here in Toronto today so people will be out at the beaches since this is the last week before school starts next week.

  8. There was a photo of Llandudno in the Guardian the other day, but I like Geoff’s photo better.

  9. At least it was a sunny day, was it as cool as here though?

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