Posted by: Geoff | August 18, 2014

Llandudno Lifeboat and Emergency Services Day


Yesterday afternoon was Llandudno Lifeboat and Emergency Services Day, when crowds on the prom were treated to a display by the emergency helicopter and lifeboats. Here you can see them in action, photographed from outside our shop on the pier.



  1. They are brave people. I hope we never need their services though.
    We visit their shop in the town, it used to be on the pier years ago.

  2. Wow a great action shot. ” very James Bond ” like Christine says they are very brave people to come out in all weathers .my hats off to them..wonder if prince William was piloting the helicopter that day… 🙂

  3. Was Prince William in the chopper? 😉

  4. You captured this scene beautifully. They do great work!

  5. Our lives in their hands. Crisp action picture. It fills me with confidence in their abilities..

  6. how fun to watch!

  7. Glad it was only a demonstration and not a real emergency!

  8. That must have been exciting!

  9. Whew! Before I clicked on the post I was afraid there’d been a tragedy.

  10. I always enjoy watching these when I get the chance to. Fantastic!

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