Posted by: Geoff | August 11, 2014

Little Orme view


Looking through the Haulfre Gardens foliage across the North Shore towards the Little Orme.

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  1. Picture perfect!

  2. Peeka boo!!! Looks like a bright sunny calm day….nice photo…

  3. Striking plant silhouette. In my dreams I am sitting in the tearoom garden having a morning cuppa under that wonderful sky.

    • One day it would be nice to share a cuppa in the tea room..its a lovely spot… :-)

      • Look forward to that. Just give me time to get up the hill to the garden. It’s quite a climb.

  4. Lovely view, thinking the same thing Barbara – and good idea Terry. :-)

    • Its a party!!!! Great plan… :-)

  5. This is a beautiful view framed just perfectly.

  6. It’s lovely up there, and captured beautifully.

  7. I love looking through the plants to the town beyond.

  8. This is just plain lovely – the scene is gorgeous and you’ve framed it perfectly!

  9. Beautiful – and it looks like a great day!

  10. Love your composition!

  11. Beautiful silhouette!

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